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Incredible: Mike Trout's Game Ending K Was Only The 24th Time In Over 6,000 Plate Appearances That He Swung And Missed 3 Times In An At-Bat

What an insane stat from @CodifyBaseball, truly mind blowing. You've seen the Shohei Ohtani strikeout of Mike Trout a billion times by now because it was so awesome. It truly was the two best players in the game going head-to-head. Friends, teammates, and the faces of baseball that have the weight of their countries on their shoulders with the World Baseball Classic title on the line. 

That is legit baseball porn and this at-bat may challenge Eric Gagne vs Barry Bonds back in the day. It was just so sick to see these two Goliaths going toe-to-toe. Could not have scripted this any better. But the fact that this is only the 24th time in Mike Trout's career that he swung and missed 3 times in an at-bat is insane. That stat is so crazy it doesn't seem like it can be real. 

Look at strike 1 and strike 2. I mean those are center cut, strike 2 was middle-middle. Dead red. Right down the dick. Ohtani blew that 100 by him with ease. EASE. Strike 1 seems like it was right in Trout's sweet spot. We see him take those low fastballs to center field regularly, but not last night. Not against Ohtani. He swung right through that one too. And the pitch for strike 3. You kidding me? That sweeper swept soooooooo far, like 4-5 inches outside of where it started. Trout had no chance. 

Swinging strikes for 1,2 and 3. Only 24th time in his Hall of Fame career, that is nuts. And yes, foul tips counted towards this stat, but normal foul balls were not counted towards this. It's wild because Ohtani knew Trout loves fastballs down in the zone and he didn't give a shit. He threw him there and got him to swing through it. Then made him look like a fool on strike 3. An incredible stat that we got from this incredible at-bat and matchup. Could not have written a better script.