Eight Men Out (FULL MOVIE)

I'm on West Coast Time so my apologies if this is hitting you at a weird part of the day. Figuring out the time zones has been a challenge to say the least, and one I'm certainly ready to say goodbye to in the coming weeks. But like many points made in many blogs over many years - that's a different blog. Point is Time Zones suck. 

This movie does not. 

Long ago I used to post bootleg movies from various sources. I did the legal research on my own and figured Barstool as a platform couldn't be touched if another major platform was already hosting in the "Not Short Term." So if a video was alive for longer than 90 days on DailyMotion or YouTube or CrackHead or whatever the fuckin names of the bootleg movie sites are. If a movie was alive for longer than 90 days there, then I was comfortable ripping it for the blog. That wasn't very long ago but I digress.

Things have changed materially. 

Even so, this is a free movie for everyone. It comes with ads from YouTube. They offer it and I'm just letting you know you can watch it. If someone who went to law school has a problem with that, please take a moment to shut the fuck up. The Worst Case Scenario is not happening so stop talking about it. 

"See here's the BIG problem...." said every fuckin lawyer who has ever fuckin existed

Do I seem tense? 

USA  just lost dramatically. I want to get some sleep but these time zones.... Guys I'm telling you... They're a challenge. 

So I'm loading up with Eight Men Out. Get a slice of history along the way. Maybe revisit the Cusack saga and remember: He wore the uniform. That means something. 

If you don't get that joke, you're newer to Barstool than me and that's okay. My name is Carl and I come in peace, often armed with a sharp pencil and cold beverage. But don't worry about me. The show already started. Go watch 8-men out and we'll talk about it on the YouTube channel later this week. 

Thanks to everyone for following the new baseball re-brand. We're getting there one day at a time.