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DWARF METAL Makes Me Want To Run Through A Brick Wall

Before late yesterday I had no idea Dwarf Metal even existed.

Now, after hearing and seeing Wind Rose, I don’t just want Dwarf Metal in my life, I NEED it.

Listen to these face melters and try not to flip over your desk or throw your coffee across the room. 

Where have lyrics like this been all my life? Nothing is more metal than smelting. It’s the definition of metal. And it’s prevalent in almost every song of theirs.

I don’t think I’ve ever needed to interview a band for Backstage at one of their shows more in my life. This is now my goal.

If anybody has seen these guys live before, please reach out and let me know. Same goes for knowing other dwarf metal bands I should check out. I have a fever, and the only cure is more dwarf metal.