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Kirk Traded Away His Whole Trivia Team, Now They're Playing Against Each Other || (The Dozen: Week 23 Preview & Rankings)

The Dozen Week 23 is here, and it is “revenge” week as the four teams involved in the league’s two biggest trades will be facing off. Team Minihane takes on The Family, and the Big Screamin’ Honkers will face FLUX. However, to open the week, we have Chicago and Foreplay playing for their lives, trying to get their second win each. Our correspondent Scoops L'Aguirre has the breakdown…




  • The Top 7 remains the same, even after a Baddies win over Smockin and a Minihane loss to The Experts.  

  • Smockin’s loss drops them to 13, still a respectable number for a team who has lost three straight games (although two were in OT).  

  • Macrodosing got their fans to vote, and they moved up to #12.  

  • UrMom jumps back up to #10 after their win over Swamp Ass.  

Now onto the Week 23 preview…


(18) Chicago
- 1-4-0 Record  
- 10.40 Points Per Game 
- 1.60 Steals Per Game 
- 33% Niche Success Rate  
-- Chief: 6.33 PPG 
-- Carl: 5.40 PPG 
-- WSD: 4.60 PPG 

Chicago Category Advantages: NHL, MLB, College Football 

(20) Foreplay
- 1-4-0 Record  
- 9.00 Points Per Game 
- 1.40 Steals Per Game 
- 40% Niche Success Rate  
-- Trent: 4.77 PPG 
-- Frankie: 3.37 PPG 
-- Riggs: 2.07 PPG 

Foreplay Category Advantages: Golf, Television, Movies 

It’s a must-win game for both Chicago and Foreplay. If either loses, it will be near-impossible to sneak into the tournament.   

This will be a rare match-up in which we see both Golf and the NHL as regular categories. Foreplay has the gusto and chemistry that Chicago used to have. In terms of pure trivia, Chicago is far more seasoned and capable.   

The Golf category will swing this game big-time as Foreplay will be Doubling.  Their season will hinge on that category.  


(6) Big Screamin' Honkers
- 3-3-0 Record  
- 12.33 Points Per Game 
- 2.00 Steals Per Game 
- 67% Niche Success Rate  
-- Gia: 6.56 PPG 
-- Robbie: 6.50 PPG 
-- Klemmer: 5.07 PPG 

Honkers Category Advantages: Celebrity Mashup, Television, MLB 

(11) FLUX
- 3-3-0 Record  
- 10.60 Points Per Game 
- 2.00 Steals Per Game 
- 50% Niche Success Rate  
-- Chris: 6.17 PPG 
-- Joey: 4.72 PPG 
-- Mintzy: 4.10 PPG 

Flux Category Advantages: College Football, Movies, Chain Restaurants

Flux and The Big Screamin’ Honkers will be facing off for the first time since the big trade between the two teams. The trade has paid dividends, as the two squads are currently a combined 5-1-0. Flux pulled off big upsets against the Frankettes and Uptown Balls while the Big Screamin’ Honkers beat Chicago and The Baddies, along with tying the single-game points record.   

 A win for Flux will likely secure them a spot in the tournament, and a win for the Big Screamin’ Honkers would put them next in line to challenge The Experts for The Crown.   

The Pop Culture categories are paramount in this game. Gia & Robbie go toe-to-toe with Joey in Mashup and Snacks, and Klemmer’s movie knowledge will get put up against Castellani’s.


(3) Team Minihane
- 5-2-0 Record  
- 13.43 Points Per Game 
- 2.71 Steals Per Game 
- 100% Niche Success Rate  
-- Kirk: 7.69 PPG 
-- Rico: 4.86 PPG 
-- John Rich: 3.81 PPG 

Minihane Category Advantages: Movies, Television, Snacks & Candy 

(14) The Family
- 3-2-1 Record  
- 12.00 Points Per Game 
- 3.33 Steals Per Game 
- 71% Niche Success Rate  
-- Reags: 5.33 PPG 
-- Quigs: 5.00 PPG 
-- Big Ev: 3.53 PPG 

Family Category Advantages: College Basketball, College Football, NBA 

Team Minihane looks to bounce back from their loss last week as they take on The Family in a revenge game following the massive Rico/Rich for Ev/Quigs trade.   

This will be a fascinating match-up as The Family will be much stronger in Sports, whereas Team Minihane should sweep Movies, Television, and Mashups.


  • Brandon Walker proved it was his show last week, outscoring Kirk Minihane to help guide The Experts to a win. It is another Offensive Player of the Week win for him, and we may need to begin talking about Brandon as a potential League MVP.   

  • Defensive Player of the Week goes to TJ after his 4-steal game helped The Baddies snatch a win against Smockin.   

  • Paddy the Baddy wins Rookie of the Week following a 5.67-point performance in which he knocked down two of The Baddies final three questions to secure the win.   

Enjoy the matches this week! Buy some merch…

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