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Rivalry Back On: For No Reason At All Rick Pitino Admitted He's Basically Obsessed With John Calipari, Needs To Beat Him (He Won't)

Hey, Rick what the fuck man? I spent all this time talking about how great it is you're back in big time college basketball. How you're one of the 5 greatest coaches the sport has seen. And now you do this? You, without any provoking, decide to try and start shit up with Coach Cal again? Come on. We buried that hatchet. The beef was squashed when you were at Louisville and simply lost to Kentucky every single year.

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Now the Pitino/Calipari rivalry goes back a long, long time. Some claims it goes back to the late 80s right after Pitino left Providence and Cal got the UMass job. But it really picked up with Memphis/Louisville. Then it added to it with Kentucky/Louisville. There were stories about how much these guys hated each other that has been told over and over again .

But then it got cordial. Pitino laid down his sword and realized he was defeated. A brutal moment because Kentucky/Louisville coaches should hate each other more than anything in the world. But now Pitino ran to St. John's and runs his mouth again? Disgusting. I've had enough.

This needs to be played over and over again. Do anything to fire Calipari up and help him figure it the fuck out. But I do love Pitino sitting back seeing Providence and Georgetown fans fighting with each other and going you know what, let's reignite the rivalry.