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It's Pretty Bizarre Coach Cal Still Has His Players Sleep At His Home During Christmas Break

Just plain old weird. Who in their right mind wants to go and sleep at their coach's house? There are so many other ways to bond with your players. 

Do you remember when this first came out during Covid? When I initially saw it I assumed it was just because of the pandemic. Traveling was difficult so Cal welcomed everyone in as a nice gesture to ensure no one was alone. 

Still funny to laugh at this man rethinking his whole life in the moment. 

Maybe this is part of the reason why they've have been real dog shit in the last couple of years. You recruit these amazing high school kids but they are like why the fuck are we sleeping at this guys house? Coach Cal might be one of the most overrated coaches out there despite being one of the best recruiters. He has had the player of the year for the past two years and hasn't done anything. That 2015 team might go down as one of the best college basketball teams of all time and they couldn't beat fucking Wisconsin. These kids don't give a shit about him anymore and it is showing.  Stop having these kids stay at your home!