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Get Those Tongs Ready Because Preseason For Grilling Officially Begins Today

Spring is here. The sun is out, the sky is blue, the birds are chirping, the weather has finally turned so you don't have to freeze your cock and balls off every time you step out of your house. Sure, there still might be a slight chill in the air. You might need to throw on a hoodie for most of the day. But for those of us who want to be great? Those of us who want to level up and catapult ourselves into that elite status? The time is now to start dialing in your grill game.  

You don't want to be the guy who waits until Memorial Day Weekend to fire up the grill for the first time. That would be like heading into Week 1 of the NFL season without any practices. You'd get lit up like the Fourth of July out there. Speaking of the Fourth of July, you want your grill game to be peaking at that point in the summer, not just getting started. 

Which is why you need to start getting in your reps today. I want you all to be a well oiled machine by the time the summer rolls around. I don't care if you're using gas or charcoal. One is obviously superior to the other, but your grill is your grill. And I want you to know everything there is to know about that grill before the bright lights of the summer BBQ turn on. You might not know everything there is to know about your wife. You might still get your kids' birthdays mixed up. But you're going to know your grill inside and out. 

Find out how many beers you can drink before you overcook a steak. Figure out what spots on the grill get hotter than others so you don't end up turning burgers into hockey pucks. Figure out how hot you can get that bitch to rip so you can grill up some oysters Rockefeller. Also figure out the appropriate number of times you can click your tongs before it gets out of hand. I always found that 2-3 tong clicks is the sweet spot. The easiest way to spot a rookie griller is if they get way too click-happy on the tongs and go off for 5 or 6 times. Fuckin' amateurs. 

Moral of the story here is that it's time to start dialing it in. The last thing you'd ever want is to invite everyone over for Memorial Day Weekend, fire up that grill for the first time of the year and the whole thing erupts in flames because you haven't even cleaned the grease out yet. Get those preseason reps in now, and you'll be a demon on the grill by the time summer rolls around. And let me know whatever you're throwing on the grill over at @meatsweatsbbq_. I'm always down to talk shop about meat. I'll make sure to keep popping in with tips and recipes along the way.