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Tough Times - Tall People Everywhere Are Fed Up With Everyone Asking If They Played Basketball During The Month Of March

Logan Riely. Getty Images.


[Source] - For exceptionally tall people like Rasmussen, who is 7 feet 2 inches, March may be the worst month. The N.C.A.A. men’s and women’s basketball tournaments have captured the attention of office pool bracketologists. The N.B.A. playoff chase is heating up. And tall people everywhere, including those who have never attempted a jump shot, are swept up in the madness through no fault of their own. Rasmussen is a retired information technology specialist.

“I always feel so bad for those people,” said Cole Aldrich, a 6-11 center who played eight seasons in the N.B.A. before he retired in 2019. “If you’re tall, there’s this belief that you should automatically be good at basketball. And if you aren’t, then what the hell is wrong with you?”

Finally a voice for the voiceless here from the New York Times. Do you know how grueling the month of March can be? Staying up all through the night. Fingers hurting from blogging. Eyes sore from staring at screens for hours on end. Combine all that with people consistently stopping me - and all the other talls - on the street asking if we're playing basketball during this month?


It needs to stop. It's disgusting how often it happens. This is not just for Large and Clem and Big Cat and Smitty and the other talls at the company. This is for us forgotten about ones - the ones who are legally above average in height. That qualifies as tall by any definition. And, sure, I played basketball but I'm now a 35-year-old suburban dad. You think I have time to go play? During THIS month? For sure not. 

I'm just glad the hard hitting news sites are focusing on this. Just because Boban and Tacko Fall, Gheorghe Muresan and Shawn Bradley all exist, doesn't mean life can be fair for the rest of us. Some of us are just regular joes during March. You don't think hearing One Shining Moment and watching guys bang in the paint for position hurts us to our soul? It does! 

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Now, I do have a point to make here. If you are super tall, what are you doing not playing basketball? At least try it out and see if you have any coordination to get a free college experience out of it. Not to mention life has to stink being like 6'10" at some point if you don't play. You can't ever get comfortable. Good luck flying. Good luck with those knees. Even worse, good luck showering. The best part of a shower is just letting that hot ass water drill the top of your head and run down. You don't get that when you're tall. 

So, again, kindly leave us alone.