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Adam Schefter Has Agreed To Go On A Dinner Date With Me

Adam Schefter is a personal hero of mine. Despite a 50% zipped Q-zip in this picture, he's a button up reporter who gives incredible context in his tweets, which are always must read. Not only that, he's been doing it at the absolute highest level for over 15 years. I've always preferred him over other newsbreakers because of the attention to detail he gives to each of his tweets. In addition to getting the scoop first most of the time, he paints a picture with his words in a medium that is designed for short form news. It's an incredible skill that he has mastered. Oh and he also covers the greatest sport in the world.

I've had the privilege to meet the man affectionately known to some as "Schefty" twice. Well technically three times but there is no way he remembers our first encounter when I saw him in New York City during an NFL Draft weekend around 12 years ago and yelled hello to him from across the street. 

But last fall I got to actually meet him in person for the first time. I was the Buccaneers Monday Night home game vs. the Saints and was on the field pre-game. I saw Schefty from a far and made a beeline to try and intercept the face of Pro Football Media. I was lucky enough to get my buddy who works for the Bucs to introduce us and it was such a thrill to meet a hero of mine. 

Our interaction was quick and he was working and in between phone calls no doubt leveraging sources for scoops, but it was unforgettable for me. A few weeks ago, Big Cat asked if I'd like to join him the rest of the Pardon My Take crew in Indy for the Combine and I was so excited to tag along. We flew in on a Wednesday morning and went right from the airport to a hotel conference room to tape an interview with Adam Schefter. Apparently I underestimated his memory of our interaction!

Being a fly on the wall for the Lamar Jackson to the Commanders was a rollercoaster I won't soon forget, even if it was all a rouse. 

And after the PMT interview, Big Cat asked if I'd like to ask Schefty some questions for a Coffee Talk presented by Stella Blue. That was such a cool move by Big Cat as he knows I'm the ultimate Schefter fan. I got to ask him a few questions and Big Cat concluded the interview asking the 10 million follower man if he'd go out to dinner with me, which he happily obliged. 

When will it happen? We'll see, but I will say that Schefty was such a genuine guy and I wouldn't at all be surprised if it happened. What a fun day! I was smiling ear to ear the whole time. Check out the entire sit down here: