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Class Erupts After Student Nails A Math Question Sending The Students To FREE TIME AT THE END OF THE DAY

Honest to god, that might be the most appreciated that kid will ever feel for the rest of their entire life. When you nail a question in class that gives you free time or extra recess time, that's king shit. No one can tell you nothing for days. You just ride that high until the opportunity presents itself again. 

SEVEN! SEVEN! SEVEN! You hear it ringing out in your sleep. You long for those moments again as soon as they are finished. 

Look at these kids surrounding the answering student. They are waiting with bated breath. Will our classmate have the correct answer? Will they? I hope so! I really hope so. If we do, buddy, I will be heading to either the blocks or the computer station to play a little game of Oregon Trail. I'll be loading up the wagon with rations for the whole squad, medicine, a weapon for protection, and you better believe that I will spend a considerable sum in order to secure anti-venom because God knows that Cons will once again get bitten by a dastardly rattlesnake. If you have any rattlesnake tips, send them to Cons at Cons@BarstoolSports.com. Safety is paramount now that warmer weather is on the horizon. 

Anyway, what a ride for that kid. Not to mention but I am certainly gonna mention those two kids hugging in celebration. They were just so damn pumped to be there to witness the securing of free time. It's a story they will remember for the rest of their days. Now, if that free time includes a classic game of Heads Up Seven Up, you might as well go ahead and cancel the student council president race. 

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That's the good stuff, my friends. That's the good stuff. 

Good work, everybody. We'll see ya out there.