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From Coaching Division II To America's Darling, Tobin Anderson's Ridiculous Run Continues By Being Named Iona's Head Coach

What a run for Tobin Anderson. He became the darling of America over the last week with his First Four win, calling out Purdue, calling his shot and then beating Purdue. He's now replacing Rick Pitino as the head coach at Iona. I can't believe I have to write this but I've seen a ton of people ask if this is a lateral move or what? It's not even close. It's a big time jump for Anderson.

Iona is one of the most consistent mid-majors in the country. They've made the NCAA Tournament eight times since 2012. They obviously were a 12 seed this past year. FDU (or any team from the NEC) won't be a 12 seed. They are basically always locked into a 15/16 seed it seems. It's also a no-brainer. He was a finalist when Iona hired Rick Pitino. 

And think of the run Anderson is on. He was coaching Division II basketball two seasons ago. He's now at Iona. That's ridiculous. Also gotta send a thank you letter to Purdue, because they are the best team at getting mid-major coaches better jobs. They lost to Little Rock and Chris Beard got the Texas Tech job. They lost to St. Peter's and Holloway got the Seton Hall job. They lost to VCU in 2011 and Shaka got the Texas job. Hell, even North Texas a couple years ago. Grant McCasland is in a ton of high-major job rumors. Beating Purdue as a mid-major will get you a good job. 

It's clear the guy can coach his ass off. I know FDU wasn't 'supposed' to be in the NCAA Tournament. But they were there. Tobin Anderson's coaching and scheme got them past Purdue. Now he gets a shot at an elite mid-major. What a run.