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For Twitter's 17th Anniversary Everyone Posted Their Favorite Tweets Of All Time. Here's The 25 Best So You Don't Have To Dig Through That Trash Heap.

I'm not sure if this is an annual thing but it must be because 17 years is a super random number to celebrate. No matter how random the idea was the tweets that were posted because of this were a trip down memory lane. Not necessarily a good one but a trip nonetheless. Like when your parents took you to visit your great Aunt in Jersey as a kid. You remember it smelled funny and it was cool to not be in school but you wouldn't classify it as "fun".

Twitter is the worst and best website ever created. Nothing feels so necessary that you make it a daily part of life but also makes you feel so dirty you cry every time you're done. Except maybe masturbation. Just me? Ok, never mind then.  

Twitter allows those with no voice to be heard, those with no audience to perform, and those with no fucking sense of humor to ruin a good time for the rest of us. But we take the good with the bad because it's better than actually working or listening to another boring story form our significant other. 

There were literally thousands of responses and QRTs to this post and combed through 95% of them. Most were Lady Gaga weirdos or BTS freaks posting that one time a new single was teased or the time the "cute one" in BTS tweeted about eating corn (thats a real tweet apparently). I did the mind numbing dirty work so you didn't have to.

And don't worry, your boss expects basically nothing from you at this point so another 10 minutes of non-production won't matter.

And for tweets funnier than all these combined here is a timeline of KB's craigslist tweets.

My personal favorite…