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IMPORTANT PSA: SlamBall Is Officially Returning To Our Lives In July For A 6-Week Season

Oh my God, it's happening! Now I know last year it was announced the expected return: 

But like most things I was skeptical. Would it actually get off the ground? This seals it and frankly I can't wait. SlamBall was one of the most influential and important creations of my youth. If you didn't watch SlamBall and immediately start dunking on trampolines while playing 1-on-1 on there, I don't want to know you. Sidenote, do people still have trampolines? I live in the suburbs and I never see any in the backyard. Growing up in the 90s and early 2000s felt like one out of 3 backyards had a giant trampoline out there. 

Just one of the best ideas we ever had as humans. Slamball was must watch when the league started in 2002 with Rumble, Diablos, Bouncers, Steal, Mob and Slashers - just incredible team names. Also shout out Coach Carter, who was the coach for the Rumble that first season. Simply incredible names. We should run that back in 2023 too. 

I'd like to personally thank each of these people for helping out too: 

Not only that, but we're getting a documentary which is absolutely needed.

[FOS] - Television distribution discussions are underway, and Tollin’s Mandalay Sports Media — which produced the Emmy-winning “The Last Dance” — is developing a docuseries around the sport.

Absolutely give me a Last Dance on SlamBall. I just hope the documentary addresses the dumbest play in all of sports. Shooting a jumper in SlamBall. You either shoot the 3 or dunk on someone. Dunking off a trampoline is awesome. No random jump shots. Just plain stupid. 

July is perfect too. Just have baseball going on and everyone waiting for NFL preseason to start. Six weeks gets us there. It's ideal. Long live SlamBall.