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There Hasn't Been A Single Ounce Of Love Lost In The Women's College Basketball Tournament This Year

You gotta love seeing the ladies get a little fired up here. That's the beauty of tournaments like this. On one hand you have a team that is riding an extreme high. They just won their biggest game of the year, get to advance to the next round and are now one step closer to winning the ultimate prize. On the other side of the floor you've got a team that just saw their season come to a soul-crushing end. The season is over, plenty of careers are now over, it's the last time that group will ever get a chance to play together ever again. The highest of highs and the lowest of lows, all coming clashing together in the handshake line. That's where the storm brews. 

Does the handshake line in the women's college basketball tournament need enforcers? You bet your sweet ass it does. 

As a #GirlDad, I would love to see the day where women's sports get to the same level of popularity as men's sports. Moments like this are going to help. I think where people get the most hung up on this argument is the fact that sport popularity rarely has anything to do with the talent on display in the game. When it comes down to it, sports are purely entertainment. To be entertaining, you need to get a reason for people to care. The easiest way to get people to care is to give them heroes to cheer for, and villains to root against. So whether that's a little dust up in the handshake line, or Haley Cavinder shushing the crowd after putting the dagger in Indiana's season. 

The ladies are putting on a show this tournament. Sportsmanship be damned. They have a product to sell. I know that everybody wants to be a hero, but every great story needs some great villains.