Winning Extra Recess For Your Entire Class Has To Be A Top 5 Feeling In The World

That's what it's all about right there. This is the moment that little Harley has been working her whole life towards. All the countless hours studying up. Doing all those extra problems while nobody else was watching. Mentally preparing herself time and time again so that when the moment came, she would have all the confidence in the world to deliver. 

And deliver she did. She knew the answer was 7 right from the jump and left no doubt about it. And just like that, Harley became a legend. 

That pop from the rest of the class could rival any atmosphere in sports. You give anybody in the world the option between getting to play or having to do more work, they're praying for recess like their life depends on it. Doesn't matter if you're in 4th grade or you're 40 years old--everybody always wants to play more than they want to work. And for Harley to give that extra recess to the rest of her classmates, well that makes her the GOAT. What an answer, what a moment. Little man in the back couldn't even contain his emotions. 


Bonus Blog: Top 5 Recess Games, ranked

5. Basketball -- Personally I sucked at basketball, which is why it's further down on my list. But even as a kid who never learned how to shoot properly, I can't deny the fact that it got the boys buzzing. Plenty of action, got the competitive juices flowing, usually ended in chaotic controversy over fouls that would have tensions rising the whole rest of the day.

4. Capture The Flag -- It's a classic, but that's for a reason. Great game to get a shit ton of kids involved. It's just a more badass version of tag. Tag was fun and everything but it always felt like it was for babies. Capture the flag added some more intrigue and strategy to the mix. 

3. Wallball -- You knew the next 3 days of recess were going to be INTENSE once somebody brought one of these bad boys to school. 

It would only last 3 days, though, because either 1) you'd eventually lose the ball or 2) it was only a matter of time before the games started to get really out of hand and somebody would get drilled straight in the face. Pretty sure the game has a bunch of different names, but I'm talking about the one where you'd have to catch the ball bouncing off the wall with 1-hand, and if you dropped it you had to sprint to the wall before someone else was able to throw the ball at the wall. If you were "out", you'd have to stand against the wall with your back to everybody else and somebody else would get to launch it at you. Shit was ruthless. 

2. Football -- The best part about recess football was the fact that there were just so many different sizes out there on the field. It really all depended on who was hitting a growth spurt that month or not. Because kids would be getting fucked up left and right out there. Rough touch or not, kids were getting slammed into the dirt like they were Ochocinco running into Ray Lewis. 


And if the field you were playing on had a little hill? Someone is getting launched down that bitch before recess is over, and that's a guarantee. There was also always the one kid who could kick the ball obnoxiously high in the air so kickoffs were as much of a death sentence as they were in the NFL 20 years ago. 

1. Foursquare -- You want to talk about being the man in the arena? Well then let's talk about foursquare. There was absolutely nowhere to hide in that game. It was you vs the world. A tiny little playing surface and everybody is out to get everybody. Fast paced, high intensity. Out of all the games I just mentioned, foursquare is easily the only one that I would still happily play today. I still suck at basketball, I don't have enough friends anymore for capture the flag, I have no interests in getting pegged in wallball, and I'm too old to play football for more than one series without getting a serious injury. But foursquare? That shit is forever.