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The Commanders Sale Can Happen At Any Moment Now


The sale of the Commanders could happen at any moment now. It's imminent. It could happen between the time I write this blog (current time, 7:02am, early riser today, I am plagued by the embarrassment of publishing the very suspicious Francis blog defending the Mean Girls and not even fact checking all the things he made up in it that now people think are true, I couldn't sleep a wink.) and the time it is published (9:30am). 

Every rumor is Josh Harris, a local guy who was born in Maryland and who owns the 76ers and NJ Devils, will be the new majority owner of our Washington Football Commanders. Nothing is for sure and there have been no leaks, but all the whispers say its him.

I'm cool with it. Obviously anyone is a step up over Snyder, so it couldn't be worse. The Sixers are a championship-contender and the Devils have done a great job with their rebuild, so it's not like he's a deadbeat owner, which would be a pleasant change. Plus the fact that he's from the DC area means he knows how much this team matters to the fans and how rotten things have gotten under Snyder. I expect Harris to lay out a pretty cool plan, including a new stadium, preferably in DC.

The rumors are they want the deal finalized by the start of league meetings, which is March 26. If Harris isn't the new owner...that's fine too. As long as Lil Dan Dan is out, that's all that matters. We're so close, man. We're so close. The finish line is in sight. I should start planning the parade.