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All Randy Arozarena Does Is Make Awesome Plays And Sign Autographs Mid-Game

We know Randy Arozarena is no stranger to big moments in playoff type atmospheres, he did it back in 2020 when he made a name for himself and now in the WBC he quite simply can't stop making awesome plays. All tournament long he's been a stud for Mexico, made awesome plays, come up with big hits, you name it the guy does it. He went up to make the catch and possibly keep Japan off the board? I'm not sure if it would have been out, it wasn't a spectacular catch by any means but he sold it quite well. The best part was the stare down after. The guy is a freak and is putting on a show for the world, he's going to pose a little. So what does he decide to do when Mexico makes their pitching change? 

He decides to sign some autographs again, something he did earlier in the tournament mid-game as well. Cool as the other side of the pillow, baby. This pressure is nothing for Randy, he really is different. He was put on this earth to make big plays in big situations.   A few batters after this catch he was put on the spot again with the bases loaded and 2 outs. But lets be real, he isn't letting anything get by him or drop in this situation.

He makes another really good catch and then tosses the ball into the crowd. No shot that ball was dropping with Randy out there. He's like a safety covering all of the ground out there. And he's having a blast. Get this guy out of Tampa because I want him on a national stage, not playing in a dump down there. Randy is just so damn cool. He is doing everything he can to will Mexico to the finals. 

So is Masataka Yoshida…

Great finish coming on FS1