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Amanda Bynes Was Found Wandering The Streets of LA Naked, In The Midst Of A Psychotic Episode


Very sad. Poor Amanda Bynes, and really, poor almost every child star. The % of child stars who end up going off the deep-end, some for a short period and some tragically, is far too high, and it's very unsettling. Off the top of my head we can go Bynes, Britney, Lohan, Culkin, Renfro, River Phoenix, Bieber...and we can go on and on. Even the Sprouse kids have recently opened up about their terrible childhood, and Jennette McCurdy wrote a book called "I'm Glad My Mom Died". So yeah, not great. At all.

But I remember in 2014 she was in the news nearly every day for a few months due to terrible manic episodes. We covered it on Barstool like we'd cover a sports team, and looking back I feel sorta shitty about it. And what's sad is she hasn't recovered from it. Even though she was in a conservatorship and has gotta professional treatment, it seems she never came out the other side. 

A lot of people believe that creep Dan Schneider has a lot to do with it. He's since been fired from Nickelodeon but as far as I've read he was known for being a huge creep and allegedly was involved in Weinstein-esque activities with them. 

It sucks to see all these kid stars go down these terrible paths. The stories they all tell are all too similar- overworked as children, taken advantage of by their parents, sexualized by weirdo industry big-whigs, and offered drugs and alcohol much too young. I know there are strict rules in place for child actors, but it seems not enough is being done to protect them and keep them from this fate.

Hopefully Bynes is able to get the treatment she needs.