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This Video Of Kevin Harlan Losing His Damn Mind While Calling Furman's Game-Winner Is Why He Rules

I don't know how else to put it. Kevin Harlan fucking rules. He's one of the best announcers in the game, any sport, any time. But there's also something Harlan and close games (or weird moments). 

But this Furman game winner? This one might be my favorite because we have video of him. Not even him, SVG steals the show too with his nudging of Dan Bonner and almost dying. He went Joe Rogan on us. 

Giphy Images.

SVG has actually been good. I had my doubts of him joining the NCAA Tournament broadcast, but he's been good! I promise. Mostly because he's not afraid to call out flopping, dumb decisions and everything that's going wrong. It's refreshing. But him and Harlan together (get Bonner out of there) need to be a thing going forward. Look at this chemistry. 

Harlan flopping around. His headset falling off. Arms in the air like he's preaching. It's just the best. It's also warranted. Remember, here's the play: 

This is what I want from my announcers. It's the NCAA Tournament. It's the single-best sporting event every single year, even if it's going to kill me every single year. I don't need the mundane bullshit. Give me Kevin Harlan screaming and SVG passing out. What a video.