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Rick Ross' Neighbors Are Apparently Pissed That His Pet Buffaloes Escaped And Were Roaming On Their Lawn

TMZ- Rick Ross has a home, a BIG one, where his pet buffalo roam ... yet the giant beasts still range onto his neighbor's yard, and she's worried because her young kids play outside.

The neighbor, who lives on a plot of land behind RR's Fayetteville, GA compound, tells TMZ ... the two buffaloes -- aka bison -- have wandered onto her property twice this week. Keep in mind, adult buffalo can tip the scales at around 2,000 lbs.!!!

She's worried they may pose a danger to her small children.

Look, I get being worried about the safety of your children at home considering I have a kid that pretty much tries to do death-defying stunts off of any piece of furniture he can get up to at the Casa de Clem. But can't we give Rozay a pass for this? There are sooooooo many things that a neighbor could do that is worse than letting a few buffalo meander into your yard. You could have neighbors that throw all-night ragers, are meth heads or simply refuse to ever wash their hands. 

A few beautiful titans that were once the symbol of the wilderness of this great country paying a visit and mowing your lawn for free ain't all that bad if not actually good! I mean having a home where the buffalo roam was the ultimate sign of a great place to live in the oldie but goodie banger "Home On The Range" sung by Roy Rogers, who some say was the Rick Ross of his day*.


(*By that I mean famous singer whose initials were R.R.)

As a fellow unit, I know seeing a behemoth wandering your front yard my be shocking at first. But buffalo are peaceful creatures just like myself and wouldn't dream of eating a human. Instead, they prefer to eat carrots, as Rick Ross asked his neighbors to feed his herd if they stop by, which is probably something people would pay good money to experience at a zoo.

Besides, I think we all remember how excited Rozay was when he got his first buffalo.

Nobody deserves to have that much joy taken away from them. Here at the Casa de Clem, I'm always excited whenever a deer or hawk pays me a visit. I couldn't imagine a herd of majestic creatures like the bison dropping in for a bit. Luckily it seems like cooler heads have prevailed with no charges being filed.


Rick's neighbor says she went to the rapper's place to confront him about the buffaloes grazing on her property … which turned into a verbal dispute with a member of Rick's team.

Unsatisfied with that interaction, she says her next step is filing a neighbor dispute with the city. She tried calling police, but they told her it's a civil dispute and didn't take a report.

ALL THAT BEING SAID, I don't think it's too much to ask your neighbor to keep animals that weigh a literal ton on their own 250+ acre property since I know how tough it is to tell my kids they can't keep the occasional runaway dog that ends up on our front step. Maybe that neighbor can invite those kids over to his house to play with the animals for a birthday party which cost an arm and a leg just to rent out a trampoline park for a few hours. This way it's a win for the kids and the parents. Boom, problem solved and these beautiful animals can enjoy their lives.