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Grant Williams Ribbing Jayson Tatum On The Bus After Tennessee Beat Duke Is Proof That College Pride Will Never Die

You can play in the NBA for a certain amount of years , you can wear different jerseys, and be part of different teams etc. But it’s so so so so clear that you go to college forever. 

I have always said if you want to watch a great product of basketball at the highest level of play, the NBA is the move for you. But college basketball will always be the most entertaining product because of how much the games seem to mean to the fans and students who love and die with these teams. They camp out for tickets, they chant, they yell, they scream, they literally love and die with every bounce. It’s the best. 

Grant Williams proves that here as he pokes fun at Jayson Tatum for Tennessee’s win over Duke. If you notice at no point does Tatum say “man what the fuck do I care I went to Duke for a year.” He knows that even though he spent such little time there he respects the fan base enough that he is a part of the history forever. That’s his school win lose or draw and he has to take it and own it. 

Love the move by Williams to get a laugh, and love that Tatum does seem pissed about the loss even though he was only at Duke for a short time. Goes to show, college ties really do last forever. I love this sport.