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This Amazon Driver Deserves Employee Of The Year After Delivering A Package In The Middle Of A Police Standoff

Now THAT is the reason why Amazon is the king of the retail jungle in 2023. Sure Jeff Bezos built an algorithm that knows exactly what you want more than even you do (h/t to the army of Alexas listening to everything you say) along with the fact you can get pretty much everything on God's green Earth somehow delivered to your door in two days or less. But at the end of the day, there needs to be a delivery driver that actually places that package of random shit on your door least until the machines take those jobs as well once the Amazon drones become a worldwide thing.

However that day is not here yet and this hero deserves all the props for fearlessly walking through an active police scene to deliver his package. I know that Lord Bezos' watchful digital eye probably has this guy more scared of going off route than a bunch of police with their guns drawn in a potential crime scene. But that didn't stop this hero from dropping off that box to its owner in the midst of chaos, even though there is likely a 50% chance that the person who ordered that package has no clue what's inside because all Amazon deliveries just blend together these days.

Not only that, but my guy even snapped a picture of the package being delivered by some officer to make sure all the loose ends on his side of the delivery ledger were tied up nice and tight.

In the words of the delightful lady giving the play by play of this entire account, "Go Amazon!"