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John Calipari Calling Markquis Nowell "That Little Kid" After He Torched Them Is Not Only Disrespectful But Also Shows He Didn't Game Plan Correctly

WHAT A CLOWN ! "That Little Kid" ... What an arrogant comment. Didn't even bother to say his name. This is so disrespectful. I watched a VHS tape growing up with Bill Walton talking about what made the UCLA teams so great under John Wooden and Bill Walton said one of the major takeaways was Wooden always say "Practice like champions, think like champions , act like champions, and eventually you will be champions." Another quote, I have always loved by Wooden is , “Respect every opponent, but fear none." 

It's safe to say John Calipari doesn't think or act like a champion with the way he disrespects opponents. It's also a crazy statement to make to not bother to say a guys name when he absolutely TORCHED you. I mean TORCHED you. 

He also was dishing the rock like he was at Rucker Park. 


He was the best player on the floor. 27 points, 9 assists. Big shots, big plays big moments. For Calipari to not say his name, and worse call him "that little kid" is such a joke. A guy beats you fair and square you stand up in the press game and say "They were the better team", you also show them the respect by saying his name. Opponents deserve respect like Coach Wooden says. Calipari shows his opponents none, and it showed. He thought he would walk into the game yesterday and be able to tell his team throw their sneakers on the floor, and they couldn't be beat. He didn't respect K State a shred ! A SHRED ! And he got what he deserved …a loss. 

This also shows that Calipari had absolutely ZERO … I MEAN ZERO game plan for this game. He was probably out cutting commercials, or buying a car, or watching programs in the hotel when he should have been game planning because anyone with a BRAIN knows that Markquis Nowell is one of the best players for the Wildcats and one of the most dynamic guards in the country. If any coach worth a damn would have had MARKQUIS NOWELL  on their game plan, or the white board, or been driving around obsessed with Markquis Nowell and how to stop him. Any coach worth ANYTHING would have said his name so many times in the course of the week that he would have known that name more than his own. It's what I will be doing when I eventually coach an NCAA Tournament team, and you would think Calipari would too. But he didn't. My guess is the reason he called him "That little kid" was because he in fact did not watch the tape on this team. He couldn't be bothered. He likely had one of his assistants watch the tape and give him a quick note card of summary as he was walking out to the bench. Like a high schooler cramming for a test in the hallway between periods with a textbook open. Absolutely MAILED IT IN. Disgusting behavior. The assistant likely said "They have a small guard" and Calipari never bothered to learn his name so in the post game that's why he still didn't know it. 

I would say I am shocked but when you have a coach who values The NBA Draft over winning : 

Wildcat Blue Nation - OK guys, Calipari made a stupid comment Thursday night.  High off the euphoria of seeing five of his players live their lifelong dream and get drafted in the first round of the NBA Draft, John Calipari made a rare faux pas by saying that this was the “biggest moment in the history of Kentucky basketball”.

what can you expect. Kentucky has hired a me first clown of a coach and the program is in shambles, and this is another example. The coach can't be bothered to learn players names before or after the game, mind you which was the biggest game of the season. He's an unprepared, elitist joke of a coach and Kentucky should be ashamed of the guy walking their sidelines. DISGUSTING. 

Maybe instead of trying to hob knob NBA GM's in season when he should be game planning, Coach Cal should be keeping it loose with his players and fans like Jerome Tang, because that sure as hell is working. 



Cannot wait to see this team play in the Garden, such a shame old Johnny Boy Calipari will be on the golf course again early this year, but then again he doesn't give a shit enough to prepare for games or respect his opponents so he's unfazed which should drive Kentucky fans insane.