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Wayne Gretzky Better Watch That Ass Before Ryan Reaves Breaks His Goal Scoring Record

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

Don't look now but Ryan Reaves is currently a goal scoring machine. This is a guy who has never had double digit goals in a season before, but it's starting to look like he might just be a late bloomer. Because in his last 4 games, Ryan Reaves has scored 3 goals and added another 2 assists. He's over a point per game over the last 4. Guy is inevitable and he is unstoppable. 

Is Ryan Reaves addicted to scoring goals? Does Ryan Reaves have a goal scoring addiction?

He's on pace for what would be a 60-goal, 102-point season. You start stacking a few years like that and all of a sudden you've got Gretzky shitting bricks as he realizes the gap to 894 is quickly closing in. Granted, Reavo still has 836 more goals to go before he passes the Great One. But Gordie Howe played in the NHL until he was 52, so it's not like Ryan Reaves is running out of time. If he picks up as many empty netters as Ovi has scored, maybe Reaves can get the job done by the time he's 45. 

Also how great would it be for Ryan Reaves to break the record on a night the Wild are playing on TNT and Gretzky is on the panel? Imagine Reavo going titties out for that post-game interview. 

That's Future Hart Trophy Winner and Mr. TNT Ryan Reaves, to you. What a stud.