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'I Thought TCU Was A Highly Educated School' - Drew Timme Wasted No Time To Talk Shit Back At TCU Fans After Dropping 28 Points

I like Drew Timme because he pisses off so many people. It's a lot of the same conversation with Timme from people this time of the year. He's been around forever. He hasn't won shit (despite playing in a national title game). He dominates nobodies all during the year. Rinse, repeat every March when it comes to Gonzaga and Timme. 

He's also brash, don't really give a shit, talks a lot and is a personality. College basketball is better off when we have a guy who is willing to stroke his moneymaker. 

Jots that one down for headlines in the future

And now he took aim at TCU fans right after he had a monster game. Good. He earned every right to. Now, sure, I wanted TCU to win because I had a +225 Sweet 16 future on them. I also love watching Mike Miles play. But I will never, ever blame a player for talking shit. 

He's referencing basically the same old things that were said. Gonzaga would finish middle of the pack in a major conference. They can't compete with major programs. Hell, even TCU players had a little something to say before the game. 

Remember, Timme is from Texas. So, yeah, of course he was going to run his mouth after a win. But again, I want that in college basketball. You win, you get the right to talk. Timme had one plan, not to fuck it up and he made sure not to. 

Went for 28 and 8, hard to argue. Still can't believe this happened.