Cruel, Cruel World - Michigan State's Parking Police Towed Tyson Walker's Car As He Dropped 23 On Marquette To Make A Sweet 16

How the hell you gonna tow Tyson Walker's car? I really wanted to say Michigan State can't be taken seriously as a dominant basketball program, but, fuck, they are in the Sweet 16 again. They are the only thing saving the Big 10 from a complete embarrassment. Now they get a game against Kansas State in MSG for a trip to the Elite Eight. 

But this? This is just fucked up. We all know and heave dealt with campus parking. There''s nothing and I mean nothing worse than campus parking. This includes the 1 single dickhead RA every dorm building has. But campus parking? They will do anything to tow someone. Watched my college roommate get towed twice in a week and then banned from parking in a certain area of campus. How is that even possible? 

I digress, to a degree though. This is a plea for everyone to America to stand up to campus parking. I bet 85% of people reading this had a run in with campus parking at some point. If you ever had your car on campus you know exactly, exactly what I'm talking about. You think you can park in a spot because it's painted blue, but it's really painted a dark green and 30 seconds later you owe $289. 

But this is about MSU. I need an Instagram showing Tom Izzo going off on campus police. Any big time program should have license plates given to campus police to avoid anything like this. Quinn Ewers got his car towed. Now Tyson Walker during the NCAA Tournament. That's gotta come down from the top. So Izzo, do the right thing and get Walker his car back.