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Providence Is Freaking Out Because Ed Cooley Listed His House For Sale And Is Reportedly Close To Being Georgetown's Coach

First off, before we get into it all, gotta appreciate Jon's professionalism here. Appreciate seeing him give the proper credit to Zillow for seeing that Ed Cooley listed his house. Never break character, Jon. Anyways, this is on Cooley, Providence and the Big East. 

For roughly the 3rd or 4th year in a row we have Ed Cooley leaving Providence rumors. This time .. it's different. Because it's for a Big East team in Georgetown. Not only that but it's starting to get real. You see Providence's AD is already publicly trying to play some damage control. 

Hate to say it, but no one gives a shit on if it's a good look. Georgetown wants to hire the best coach they can. They aren't getting Pitino (blame your own leadership for that one). So if you can get Ed Cooley, who has proven he can win in the Big East, make Tournaments, you go get him. Oh no it makes a conference rival worse? That's a win-win. 

Except now we have Providence fans freaking out even more, because apparently, the house was listed on March 3. 

Yeah, of course he did. You really thought there weren't conversations before Providence lost to Kentucky? Basically every single coach talks to teams before it's 'official.' Welcome to the world of major college sports. I love seeing Providence fans going through it too. Hey, you kept Cooley as long as you did. Now you get to be like the rest of us and deal with a coaching search.

No Pitino isn't going to Providence either. 

Georgetown getting Cooley would be huge. They are desperate for some sort of winning. And Cooley's house? Only 4 bedrooms? I expected more. Kind of a power move to have more bathrooms than bedrooms. Always have a strategy to take a shit. Love the room with all the former players jerseys. I always wanted something like that. I'm a sucker for rooms like that. Even better touch with the Tiger Woods above the window.