The Jack Links Sasquatch Urinal Commercial Is The Best Commercial These Eyes Have Seen In Ages

I heard rumblings of this commercial this weekend but hadn’t caught it with my own eyes until this afternoon. 

But this came on during the St. Mary’s UConn 2nd half while I was paying attention and when I saw the Squatch pull out his piece and piss like a firehouse I spit out my Pirate Water onto the bros in Saturday’s Are For The Boys hats sitting next to me. 

I know Jack Links is known for commercials as hilarious as their equally quality smoked and dried meats, but this one is elite.

Even the subtle touch of the Japanese porn-pixelation on the heavy stream. (Chefs kiss)

Giphy Images.

A+ to the marketing team behind this. Please keep commercials like these coming. We the public are begging for them. 

Speaking of which, why don’t company’s make funny as shit commercials anymore? That used to be the norm. Especially beer companies. Nobody gives a shit how many calories a beer has, or believes some celebrity voice over telling us how superb the taste is compared to other beers. We’re not drinking it for the taste or because we’re watching our waistlines. Give us funny + hot chicks and sell millions. East equation.

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