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Eastern Washington Might Have Just Had The Best Backdoor Cover Of All Time

I have watched this clip non stop because I truly don't know what this feels like. We are never on the right side of these moments. It's also really funny that Dave is betting thousands of dollars on the NIT while the real tournament is happening. That is why gambling is the absolute best. Eastern Washington down 14 and their coach is yelling at them don't shoot just dribble it out. 

This guy triple faked and said fuck you coach I am about to pull up and cover this spread for Dave. I respect the kid for shooting. You are down 14, your season is about to be over, why not? If the team up 14 does this it is definitely disrespectful, but if you are down you're free to fire. 

The TV cutting out and not showing the score is so stressful because I can see Dave losing his shit yelling shoot and then seeing the coaches doing a handshake thinking your bet is over and then boom, the crowd erupts, the score changes and it's a winner. There is no better feeling of having a dead loser right in your face and getting a win where you don't deserve it at all. What a win.