Once Again, I'm Sick And Tired Of Writing A Blog About Kentucky's Upperclassmen Shitting The Bed And Choking In A Big Game

Once again it's the same old story. People demanded Kentucky get upperclassmen and this year was full of that. You know who sucked today? Jacob Toppin and Antonio Reeves. Two seniors. Antonio Reeves quite literally couldn't make a shot (made one with 6 seconds left that didn't even matter) and kept shooting. Toppin made mistake after mistake. How do you choke that bad? It's fucking atrocious. You go up 4 and can't get a stop. You can't hit wide open looks? You can't make a simple pass without turning it over? 

Say what you want but this is the truth. Any person who can't understand simple mistakes and below average play choked this game away are fucking stupid. These upperclassmen aren't good enough to play and it showed. Antonio Reeves and Jacob Toppin just needed to be average and Kentucky win. Shit, they needed to be slightly below average and Kentucky wins. Instead they are fucking awful, a lead is choked away and Kentucky is out in the Round of 32. 

Cal isn't completely clear of anything either. Stop playing Lance Ware. His decision to be scared of Oscar picking up a 2nd foul late in the first half led to a 4-0 run and gave Kansas State the lead. Stop being so stubborn you don't adapt. Start recruiting shooters. Kentucky desperately needs a stretch 4 - not a Toppin who only wants to take midrange jumpers. Kentucky desperately needs more shooting than Antonio Reeves and CJ Fredrick, who was hurt and shot like hell all year. 

Kentucky had 2 different times to put the game away. You jumped on them early and let them back in it with careless turnovers. You jumped on them in the second half and let them right back. That's how you lose. That's how you keep choking in big game after big game. Get some people who can put a goddamn team away. 

All I know is Markis Nowell is my fucking mortal enemy. He hit every big shot. He destroyed Oscar and Ware trying to 'trap' him. Seriously if you're going to trap the ball screen, fucking trap. But this isn't about Nowell. This is about the team I live and die with. A round of 32 exit isn't good enough. I don't give a shit if you're a 6 seed - that's not good enough.

It's time to once again adapt or die. You can't have 1 shooter and when he does this not have someone to turn to. You can't just take upperclassmen assuming they'll work. Toppin was awful. CJ was awful. Reeves was awful. Ware was awful. Get shooting. Stop playing like it's mid-2000s basketball. 

Fuck this.