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There are MASSIVE Protests Going On Across France After Macron Raised The Retirement Age From 62 to a 64 Without A Vote

Absolutely WILD scenes in France right now as it seems like President Macron pissed off the ENTIRE country when he pushed through this raising of retirement age without a vote. I can't speak intelligently about the policy, the pensions, the culture, the economic factors, or really anything about this. It is always just shocking to see one of the great cities of the world dissolve into utter chaos. It's one of those things where my brain and my nervous system are always going to be somewhat at odds with each other. I believe that the ability to protest is a fundamental right in a healthy democracy, but every time I see one unfolding it makes me very uneasy. Hoping that peace is restored and rights aren't trampled. Chanting about decapitating Macron seems pretty intense

The underlying problem in France and many countries across the world is an aging population and a declining birthrate. Eddie and I covered this about a month ago on Dogwalk. Here is the video