Fair or Foul: Klay Thompson Counting The Number Of Rings He Has While The Grizzlies Talk Trash After A Regular Season Win


One of our social media people posted this last night with an obvious anti-Klay slant. I found that odd though because I think it's definitely fair game for Klay to count rings while the Grizzlies are talking trash in a regular season game. It's sort of the "we don't start keeping track of wins until the postseason" mantra. So I think it's pretty justified. One team counts regular season victories, one team counts NBA Championship rings. One team has 4 rings in the last decade, one team has 0 Finals appearances in their history. So personally, I give his one to Klay. I don't think you can *always* live in the past (shout out the Liz Gonzalez 27 rings video) but the Grizzlies sure do talk a lot of shit for being the Grizzlies. They can thump their chest all they want on March 18th but they have zero post-season success. Until then, a regular season shit talking session is rather futile in my opinion.