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In A Weekend When Two #1 Seeds Went Down, Alabama Proves Why They Are The Best Team In This Tournament

Butch Dill. Shutterstock Images.

Ho-Hum … another dominant performance from the best team in the country. Everyone wants to lump the 1 seeds in together like they are all the weakest crop in years. It's all I heard before the tournament. 

Lumping all 4 teams together is lazy, dumb and just not true. Alabama is a cut above Purdue.Houston and Kansas. They were in January, they were in February, they were when the seeds were announced and they are now. Purdue and Kansas bowed out so everyone assumed all the 1 seeds were shitty and none could make the Final 4. 

Not so fast … 

This team is different, this team can score, this team is talented and best of all this team plays RELENTLESS defense. Maryland started this game shooting 4/6 and then went 9 of their next 37. They forced turnovers, they got steals, they block shots, they force bad shots. They have pride on the defensive end, and want to limit make their opponents miserable… AND THEY DO. 

Quinerly shot lights out. Miller was terrific. Bediako was phenomenal. Onto the Sweet 16 to face San Diego St. Two wins down … 4 to go. Stop lumping this team in with the rest of the country, they are a cut above and always will be. 

Blue Collar Basketball …. we're all we got, we're all we need. 

PS- My face when people want to doubt the Tide …