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Big Brain Thinking: John Daly Texts Eric Musselman Tips, Wants Arkansas To Do Putting Drills To Help Their Shooting

Imagine the conversations between John Daly and Eric Musselman go? Both guys just blasting some bare chest because they both love to take their shirts off talking some Hogs basketball. You know there was likely one time that Muss complained about the shooting on this team to John Daly. Or rather Daly brought it up to Muss as Muss just nodded along.

So now it's Daly's time to shine. He's got plans for Muss and frankly it's a good one. Break out the putters, start putting into cups. Get the vision down and make them think the hoop is smaller or something. Mental game from the man who pulled off a miracle Major win. And hey, maybe Daly knows a thing or two about shooting. 

I love Muss acknowledging how one of the first calls after upsetting No. 1 Kansas was Daly though. Dude loves Arkansas. I respect it. I want the 'famous' fans to actually be fans. Live and die with each team. Get nervous because Arkansas really can't shoot threes and KU had the right defensive gameplan there for a little bit to let them chuck. But as Muss said.

Free throws went in. They won. Hit the music.