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Mayhem Is Here - No. 15 Princeton Kicked Missouri's Ass For 40 Minutes To Make Its First Sweet 16 Since 1967

Oh so here comes all the chaos. No. 1 Purdue out. No. 1 Kansas out. Now we have No. 15 Princeton in the Sweet 16. Yep, that's exactly what everyone expected. It's honestly becoming the new normal but it's still shocking. This is the third straight year with a No. 15 in the Sweet 16 - Oral Roberts, Princeton and some school in NJ that nobody remembers. Saint Paul or something like that. 

It wasn't like Princeton hit a miracle or anything too. They straight up kicked Missouri's ass for 40 minutes. They had the perfect game plan. They put a guard on Kobe Brown and prevented him from doing what he does best. Straight line drive runs to the rim against a big who can't stick with him. Yes, Princeton scored 78 points but it was the defense that won them this game. Shit Princeton was just 42% from the floor and 35% from three while only hitting 12 free throws. 

That's almost what makes what Princeton did sound more absurd. When we see these runs it's someone like a Max Abmas getting hot or Kevin Obanor. But for Princeton it was just the perfect scout. They did it against Arizona and suffocated the shit out of them. Against Mizzou it was taking away Kobe Brown. Smart people do smart things I guess. Ivy League or something like that.

But now where we are. Princeton is in the Sweet 16 and gets the winner of Creighton/Baylor. Unreal. No more thinking 15 seeds are dead after the miracle 1st round upset. Someone is getting through every year now it appears. The new normal.