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Power Move Tradition: Eric Musselman Rips His Shirt Off In The Crowd Immediately After Arkansas Upsets No. 1 Kansas

Holy hell that game was awesome. Yeah, the refs were awful and got way too involved. Let the boys play a possession, stripes. But that game was the best of the NCAA Tournament. This was the most intense game of the NCAA Tournament. You had dudes just going at it and weirdly in a game with all these big time freshmen on Arkansas it was Ricky Council IV and Devo Davis making all the winning plays. That's how they won.

Quick side note. I blogged this before, but I never want to stop talking about it. Ricky Council IV is the fourth because his brothers are Ricky II and Ricky III. Power move. 

This also keeps the Florida streak alive. A reigning national champ hasn't made it past the Sweet 16 since 07. A lot of reasons for that but it keeps happening. This is about Muss though. The dude just knows how to win in March. Yeah, yeah, make a Final Four. But he's now 3-for-3 in getting Arkansas to the second weekend. He took Nevada to the second weekend. 

This team is weird too. You have Nick Smith, Anthony Black and Jordan Walsh, the three massive recruits. But Smith has been banged up and missed a ton of time this year. You had the Trevon Brazile injury which I thought was a dagger because he really made that lineup go. But Kamani Johnson has been the x-factor because of how he fills in. 

Kansas was up in this game too. They just got uncomfortable and Arkansas kept applying pressure. Also didn't help KU missed free throws. But something was off. You had the Harris ankle injury at the end of the first half and no Bill Self, but 5 total bench points and Dick only giving you 7 - that's what we all say. 

This is about Arkansas though. What a win. What a tradition. No one and I mean no one loves to take his shirt off after a win more than Muss. Dude does it all the time and there's something hilarious about the 5'6" dude just ripping it off and going crazy.