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Justin Gaethje Just Beat Rafael Fiziev In An All Out Slobberknocker

(I can't post as many clips from this fight as I'd like, I'm sorry)

Listen, I know Justin Gaethje came at Barstool a few months ago - and Dave shoved him in a locker very quickly....

Bonus: Dave discussing the situation with Joe Rogan....


….but I gotta show the guy some respect here for the gutsy performance he just pulled out in London to earn himself a decision win over Rafael Fiziev, because that shit was awesome. Just an all out slobberknocker through and through that truly lived up to the hype.

I didn't even score the fight for Gathje, to be honest - I thought Fiziev won the first and second rounds - but it was such a back-and-forth war (culminating in an all-time momentum swing) that I don't even care. Seeing Gaethje turn it up at the end of the third and even score that takedown was incredible, especially after I thought Fiziev was starting to stagger him at the beginning of the round! Plus, that second round really coulda swung either way.

It went from Fiziev eating up Gaethje's body with kicks and slicing hooks - to Gaethje blowing Fiziev's eye up with jabs….

Jeff Bottari. Getty Images.

Ser Criston Cole and Arya Stark are both in the crowd tonight, I'm sure they both feel right at home, because that looks like the face of an extra after a Game of Thrones battle. Just disgusting.

I don't think Fiziev's stock is hurt much (if at all) by this loss, as the decision was razor thin and he looked pretty great throughout. It could be the start of one final run for Gaethje, though!

Alright, main event is starting - I gotta go!