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Christopher Newport Wins The Division III National Title On A Buzzer Beater Because It's March And That's How It's Supposed To Be

Was it Kris Jenkins or Dereck Whittenburg? No. But you know what? It's a buzzer beater. That's the one thing we haven't had yet in the big NCAA Tournament. Game-winners? Sure. We've had those, crazy endings and close to buzzer-beaters. But this is how it should be done. A buzzer-beater to win the first ever national title for Christopher Newport. 

I can't imagine the feeling. Yeah, every buzzer-beater you hit is awesome. You can peacock around and feel awesome. But doing it to win a title? That's the shit we dream of kids. You know exactly what I'm talking about. The time when you were out in the driveway dribbling around, counting down, pretending to play against the guy you hated the most. Saying 1 and launching up like a 12 footer. If you missed it was a clear foul and still time on the clock. If you made it you pretended like you won the title. 

I know it wasn't just me who did that back in like 1996. I know you did too. 

Now, that said, I'm not entirely sure what Mt. Union was doing here defensively. You're tied. You can't play prevent defense like this. Apply some pressure, make that clock drain and force them into a stepback jumper. Instead he got right to the rim and a more than clean look for the win. 

Go crazy Newport News.