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Duke Is Officially A Has-Been Program

All I heard since Selection Sunday was that Duke was winning the national title. This team is so hot! They've figured it out! Purdue and Marquette should be pissed that Duke is the 5-seed in the East!

Let me tell y'all something: these are not your father's Duke Blue Devils and those teams aren't coming back anytime soon. This is a has-been program.

Tennessee has been as inconsistent as any team in the country for the last month and went up against big, bad Duke and absolutely punked them. Duke looked scared and had no answer for a team that showed up ready to push them around. The Blue Devils were far less prepared to play the Vols than Louisiana-Lafayette was.

Maybe Jon Scheyer figures it out in the years to come. Maybe he is eventually able to instill some discipline and toughness in his teams. But if I were a Duke fan tonight, I'd be incredibly concerned. Rick Barnes just took Scheyer out behind the woodshed. You love to see it.

Winning one game in the NCAA Tournament is a good stepping stone, though! A lot of programs would sign up for that season!