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UFC 286 Is Off To A GREAT Start In London - Here's All The Finishes From The Prelims

UFC 286 is off to a great start in London, with plenty of exciting fights/moments already - and we've had five finishes in our last seven fights!

Now, granted, one of the "finishes" was an unfortunate knee explosion in Christian Leroy Duncan's highly anticipated UFC debut, when Dusko Todorovic's leg twisted all funny and all his shit just gave out.... 

I'm no doctor but I'd assume he'll be needin a new MCL, ACL, and meniscus in the coming weeks/months. 

That also may be the most awkward way to make your UFC debut - just sucks for everybody involved. Hopefully Christian Leroy Duncan gets rebooked soon.

Speaking of legs being bent in ways they're not supposed to, Muhammad Mokaev somehow survived THIS kneebar only to come back and get a submission of his own moments later....

Can I say something? Mokaev is one of the cockiest guys in the division for very little reason. He almost gets finished in all of his fights against unranked guys now and he thinks he could compete with the Royvals of the world??? He's been giving up his back like there's no tomorrow and is just an absolute liability in there with the heavy lines set for him. Get outta here.

It also looks like he might've tapped at one point?!?!

Credit where it's due, though - surviving this is insane…

Then, you've got the combination of KOs at the top of this blog - one BRUTAL Jake Hadley liver shot….

That's a punch that would probably kill me. I think it'd just discombobulate all of my organs and the only thing that'd flash before my eyes as I died would be a Mortal Kombat style animation of my bones cracking into little bits that penetrate my lungs and heart.

….and Ashmouz came out and upset Sam Patterson in the very first round of their bout with a DEADLY combination and ground-and-pound that honestly went on way longer than it had to….

Patterson came to protesting the stoppage, but clearly had no idea where he was - he was in another stratosphere.

Jack "Tank" Shore then made his debut at Featherweight and was able to secure a submission against Makwan Amirkhani after facing some adversity early on….

….and even in the fights that went to the judges scorecards, we got some great moments like this intense ass staredown….

….or the other Chris Duncan's hilarious faceplant into the cage….

Michael Bisping even became so addicted to getting the crowd to pop for him that he abused his power to a hilarious degree….

It went on for even longer than that clip shows. He just couldn't get enough. I love this commentary trio.

Oh, and here's some stats on the event courtesy of Barstool Sports per SOURCES….

Main card is starting now, and I don't know - I've just got a feeling about Leon Edwards tonight! I think he might beat Usman again!

No matter who wins in the main event, however - I think there's a chance Kamaru Usman could retire at the end of the night. We've been hearing that his knees are shot for a while now, and he's never claimed to want to stick around forever. It's not a guarantee - but just a bold prediction.