Hayley Williams Of Paramore Tells The Story Of How She And Taylor Swift Met As She Opens Night One Of The Eras Tour

Good shit right here. LOVE Hayley, and I've always wondered how she and Taylor came to knew each other. They've of course been friends for years, Hayley was even in Taylor's Bad Blood music video back in 2015. It warms my heart to know that even back in the days of the VMA debacle, people really did have Taylor's back. Kind of HILARIOUS though that Taylor's mom Andrea was the one to give Hayley their number, big "my kid doesn't have any friends, so I'm going to find them" vibes LOL. It sounds like at the time she needed all the help she could get, and I'm sure we're all glad Hayley was one of the many people who ride for Taylor, and continue to do so.