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Taylor Swift Played Over 40 Songs At Her First "Eras Tour" Show In Glendale, Arizona Including One "Secret Song" She Will Not Play Again

This is fucking insane. I woke up at 5am randomly and started down the hole of concert clips, and I really can't believe what I'm seeing. OVER FOURTY SONGS, no breaks, SO MANY costume changes, a billion different set scenes - this woman spared no expense, and she's giving us our money's worth. 

I am however equally excited and devastated to report, that each concert Taylor will be performing one "secret song" from her discography, that she will not be playing again throughout the rest of her tour. This would be cool, but Night 1's secret song was Mirrorball. I'm fucking crushed. One of my all time favorites, we won't get to hear it live, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. Everyone who traveled to Swift City this weekend got a real treat. I hope they know just how lucky they are!

Here are a majority of the clips from Night 1, in order and posted by what some are calling "the greatest social media manager of all time," from Variety Magazine's tiktok:

Cruel Summer

The Man



You Belong With Me

Love Story

Tis The Damn Season


Champagne Problems

Tolerate It

…Ready For It?

Look What You Made Me Do

Enchanted (im deceased)

22 (actually was so cute)

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

I Knew You Were Trouble

All Too Well (10 Min Version)

Invisible String (uncontrollable sobs)


Cardigan (can't breathe omg)


Blank Space

Shake It Off

Bad Blood

Mirrorball (its so good I'm so fucking upset we won't hear it at every show)

Tim McGraw

Lavender Haze


Vigilante Shit


Karma (show closer, I thought for SURE it would be Mastermind)

We really just aren't worthy.