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Taylor Swift Says Evermore Is One Of Her Favorite Albums, Despite What People Say On Tiktok "I've Seen It All"

This is why Taylor is the best. She sees everything we say, every joke, every complaint, every compliment - and she makes light of it. OF COURSE we know she loves Evermore. People all over Tiktok really do say that it's the forgotten child, that she never mentions it or references any songs from it. Can I just say like, Evermore is a depressing album?? It's top 3 for me of course, but Champagne Problems (what she starts to play at the end of this video) isn't really the "pump up song" of the nation yanno? Evermore is for the poetry girlies, the Sad Girls, the romantically entranced. Taylor would NEVER overlook something like that. 

Here are all the songs she played from Evermore (I think):