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Never A Doubt - FAU's Perfect Two Game-Winning Plays Cap Off The Most Wild Ass Game We've Seen In The NCAA Tournament Yet

Oh my God. What a finish. Listen, Memphis quite literally threw that game away. I see a lot of Memphis fans complaining and here's my simple response. Don't turn it over with the game on the line. Don't try to fight each other in the huddle. But these Owls don't quit. Up 10 early, go cold, only to fight back.

Now you might be wondering. Why the fuck am I so invested in FAU? Well, I thank Memphis for giving me John Calipari. It's simple. It's #BracketBuskers. I'm a win over a 16 seed from going to Ireland with Jeff Nadu and Castellani. What a fucking crew. 

I could sit here and say great pick. I knew Purdue would choke. You want some basketball talk? Fine. FAU never should have been a 9 seed. They were grossly underseeded similar to Murray/San Francisco last year. This wasn't an 8/9 game. It just wasn't. FAU does every little thing well. Crash the glass, shoot the ball, efficiency. You name it, they do it well. They won 31 games coming into this for a reason. They are fucking good.

And look what they did to Memphis. They kept attacking. They got Williams in foul trouble. I know Davis hurt his ankle late, but FAU was in this for 40 minutes. This wasn't a bullshit win. This was FAU basketball. HOOT HOOT.