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After Watching Her Son Get Pinned In The Semifinals Of The NCAA Championships, Spencer Lee’s Mom DESTROYED Her Glasses


That right there is a STUNNER. I don’t even know if there’s a word in the English language to describe how surprising that result is but stunning is what we’re gonna have to go with. Spencer Lee, pursuing his fourth national title, got pinned by Purdue’s Matt Ramos in the semifinals of the NCAA Championships. I actually can’t believe it happened. Everyone in the world just assumed that Lee was going to win his fourth national title. I mean I guess it’s crazy to assume something like that, but he has been so dominant for so long that it just seemed like a foregone conclusion. Truly a stunning result. 

Which is why his mom’s reaction was so insane. Her reaction may seem over the top but it’s really not when you think about how dominant her son has been. Sure, losing is always a possibility but this is Spencer Lee we’re talking about here. She was in such a state of disbelief after seeing her son get pinned that she must’ve thought her glasses were lying to her. She must’ve thought they were showing her a version of reality that couldn’t possibly be true. “My son, Spencer Lee, getting pinned? No chance.” So she took her anger out on those lying ass glasses. Bad glasses! Bad! Very bad! Fuck those glasses.

At least Purdue got one win tonight I guess.