6ix9ine Was Sitting Behind Home Plate For The WBC Game And Almost Got SMOKED In The Head With A Beer Can For Talking Shit

Head on a swivel when you're sitting down there, 6ix9ine! The rapper and big time stoolie was sitting behind home plate for the Mexico - Puerto Rico game and boy oh boy did he stir up some shit. He was cheering for Mexico with their flag draped around him and it appears some Puerto Rico fans behind him were not happy with it, especially with Mexico making an insane comeback to win the game and knock out Puerto Rico. Now I can't read lips but I would guess 6ix9ine said something not very nice and that is when a can came flying directly at his head. He didn't even budge, he pulled the Kobe on Matt Barnes, have to give him credit for that. Almost took a full 16 ouncer to the face. Last time we saw cans fly behind home plate Julia Rose was sitting back there during the World Series. Mexico went on to win the game and I assume that 6ix9ine did not get any calmer with that win, he better keep his head on a swivel for any other cans coming his way. Insanely impressive move to not even flinch and keep talking shit with a bunch of middle fingers in his face. What a wild scene for a tournament that no one cares about.