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Disgusting - Someone In Purdue's Locker Room Finally Showed Some Fight And Punched The Everliving Shit Out Of A Whiteboard

This is disgusting. How dare you disrespect NCAA and school licensed material like that. This did nothing to you and this wasn't the reason you lost! I's called having some respect.

Did I say that right? I believe that was the tone when Odell punched a wall in Green Bay. Just wanting to make sure I have it all correct as I write this. Hit all the buzz words and that stuff. 

I still can't believe it happened. Not that Purdue choked, that was expected. I can't believe it was to FDU. I love Tobin Anderson's interview even more after the game. 

I need someone to step forward and admit who punched the hole in the whiteboard. It's an impressive punch. If it was Zach Edey I'd get it. He should be pissed. Then again any time he touched the ball he should have scored. Just use your size. But yeah, what a gross loss. Credit to FDU.