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The Streak Is Over. The Most Important Win Of The Night Happened Because Kentucky Remembered Who We're Suppose To Be

You know what I've heard nonstop since COVID? 

Kentucky hasn't won a Tournament game in 3 years. The number somewhere in the 1,000 of days range. I don't even know or care anymore.

Because it's over. It's the most important game of the night. It's good for my sanity. It's good for me to see this. I missed the feeling of .. winning. It was unacceptable. It wasn't what Kentucky basketball was. But you know what? Suck my ass. This was a win. It was a win over Providence and their Taylor Swift singing asses. For 40 minutes I hated everything about them. For 40 minutes it was watching Jacob Toppin take the matchup against Bryce Hopkins personally.

Jacob Toppin won that matchup.

Antonio Reeves was a star. 

Oscar did Oscar things. 

It's all over. St. Peter's can't hurt us anymore (it still does). Princeton and FDU happened. Kentucky is playing Sunday. See you all then.