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OH MY GOD, IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED - FDU's Coach Called His Shot And The Smallest Team In The Country Beat No. 1 Purdue

Oh my God. It happened again. A 16 over a 1. Things are getting weird. Remember FDU shouldn't even be in the NCAA Tournament. They lost their conference tournament final to Merrimack and only got in to the First Four because Merrimack isn't eligible for the NCAA Tournament. Yep. Of course that's the team who beats Purdue. Of course it's the smallest team in the country who beats the biggest human in college basketball. 

What can I say? When their coach knows, he knows. 

Just shows bosses lead from the front.

I honestly think this might be a bigger upset than UMBC over Virginia for that sake. FDU isn't supposed to be here. Yet what can you say, they won. That's all that matters. They did everything they were supposed to. Purdue went on that run to take the lead and FDU just hit shot to respond. They didn't give a shit about seed or name on the jersey. 

Unreal man. Only this sport. Only this month. I don't know how else to put it. Tobin Anderson called his shot and FDU delivered. There were plenty of questions about Purdue and why their guards weren't good enough to win. You had to pressure them and force turnovers. Guess what FDU does defensively? Pressure the shit out of you.