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Holy Shit! Yes! Less Than 3 Hours After Iona Lost, Rick Pitino Is Reportedly Finalizing A Deal To Be The Next St. John's Head Coach

[Source] - Sources close to the program tell FOX Sports that the university plans to finalize a deal with the Hall of Famer in the coming days. It has been reported that Pitino has a mutual interest in taking over the Red Storm

For St. John’s university president Brian Shanley and athletic director Mike Cragg, this coaching search is about turning the Red Storm back into a relevant force in college basketball, sources tell FOX Sports. The program missed four straight NCAA Tournaments under Mike Anderson and has not won a game in the big dance in 23 years.

For Pitino, who lives at Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, N.Y., the prospect of coaching St. John’s means he does not have to move, with the course being roughly 23 miles from the St. John’s University campus

Yes! First off credit me for not making a quick joke in the headline. We're above that. We're serious journalists here and wouldn't do such a thing. But this is about Rick Pitino and St. John's. This made all the sense in the world. St. John's HAD to hire Rick Pitino. There's no other way to put it. Pitino is one of the greatest coaches of all time, that's not hyperbole I think he's easily in the top-5. He's still an amazing coach and frankly we needed him in the high majors. 

Then for St. John's, they just need someone who can win. That program is becoming more and more irrelevant every year and there's no Artest or Erick Barkley coming through or something like that. You can't keep missing the NCAA Tournament and can't keep being a bottom-3/4 team in the Big East. You actually have hope now with Pitino.

This is what we call a win-win. Every casual college basketball fan can say we want Pitino at a high major. I want him to turn St. John's around because it'd be fun as shit. First, St. John's needs to go back to those old school shorts with the skyline on them though. Then you get Pitino finalized. 

Still hilarious he did this just hours after Iona lost. I know this was in the works for weeks, but it had to happen.